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8th Iberoamerican Academy Conference, São Paulo, Brazil
December 8th to December 10th, 2013
World in Transition: business, multiculturalism and society
Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo – EAESP – FGV

World in Transition: business, multiculturalism and society are the topics proposed by the the 8th Iberoamerican Academy Conference. In a complex and dynamic global environment, both academics and practitioners have to deal with economical, geopolitical, social and cultural intense changes. Latin America faces different challenges in this scenario such as: how to integrate disimilar cultures in the region, how to promote an inclusive environment and cope with inequalities and politics. The region presents high levels of development as well extreme poverty. Despite idiosyncrasies among nations, challenges related to education and productivity at public and private organizations are similar and defy managers daily.

With a view towards debating this multifaceted setting of Latin America, the conference’s agenda proposes the following topics:

What are the roles of Latin American organizations in the global context?

How can Iberoamerican Organizations achieve competitive advantage in a world in transition?

Have emerging countries changed inequality conditions of within contemporary capitalism?

What are the competences required to develop people, organizations and society in this dynamic environment?

What is the role played by Latin American Scholars regarding teaching and researching in Latin American Business Schools?

Do they make any difference in the international scenario? Do they contribute to changing the conditions of Latin American Countries and both their Public and Private organizations?

Therefore we would like to invite participants to address the new facets of management in such complex scenario and collaborate in this rich debate. Submissions of papers aligned to the mission of our conference are more than welcome.

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Rua Itapeva, 432, São Paulo, Brazil
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